Where are you located?

We are at The Hub building in RiNo, at the corner of Downing and Walnut. Our address is 3611 Walnut Street.

How is Viv different than other studios in Denver?

We are very different than the other studios in the Denver area! Viv is a local, female-owned small business that combines all your favorite aspects of other studios that you've been to. We are rhythm-based cycling that lets the beat of the music dicate our classes, while still incorporating metric tracking after class. We are passionate about providing exceptional customer service, top-of-the-line equipment, beautiful amenities, and talented & passionate instructors - all while making intentional and sustainable decisions. We can't wait to grow our cycling community in RiNo.

Do you offer performance metrics tracking?

The Schwinn AC Power bikes do have metric monitors that report very accurate stats. Because we teach beat-based cycling classes, we do not use the metrics on the monitors during our classes. Instead, we allow the beat of the music to determine our RPMs and then adjust to a resistance that allows us to keep that speed. We do encourage you to turn on your monitors at the beginning of class so that your final class metrics will be emailed to you at the end of class.

Do you offer free parking?

Yes, our customers have access to the The Hub’s retail parking. The garage entrance is on Downing, between Walnut and Blake. We have a limited number of validations so stop by the front desk before you head out and we’ll give you one if available. We do share the garage and it can fill up - street parking is also available and is free surrounding The Hub. Please note that the parking lot directly across the street (next to the pink building) is privately owned and unauthorized cars are subject to being towed.

What if I’ve never taken a cycling class?

We’ve all been there at some point and know it can be intimidating! We require our new riders to come at least 15 minutes early for your first class, but come even earlier if you'd like! We’ll walk you through all the details until you feel totally comfortable. Each and every rider at Viv is an integral part of our community - we value you and your success and promise to make you feel right at home at Viv.

Anything else I should know as a new rider?

Your safety as a new rider is most important to us - therefore first time riders are required to arrive to the studio with ample time for us to get you properly set up on your bike. New riders will not be admitted to the studio once the studio doors are closed.

What is the “stretch room” for?

The stretch room is a dedicated space stocked with yoga mats, weights, and other gear for our riders to utilize as they please. No classes are currently held in the stretch room. Feel free to use it to stretch, meditate, or just relax before or after class! It's been reported that John Mayer is typically singing sweet nothings in there - we highly recommend stopping in.

Do you offer a membership freeze?

We offer 1 courtesy freeze per year for our members. Outside of that 1 complimentary freeze, you can freeze your membership with a $10/month freeze fee. You can freeze up to 6 months total within one year. The year is based on the date of when the membership was opened.

How do I cancel my membership?

You may cancel your membership at any time after completing the 3 month minimum commitment. Note that we require 30 days notice in email form. There will be a $30 reactivation fee if you cancel and want to reactivate your account. Please note that if cancel as a founding member, you will no longer have access to founding member pricing upon reactivation.

Can I upgrade from an 4/8 class membership to unlimited?

Yes - just give us a call or stop by the front desk the next time you're in the studio. You can always upgrade to a higher membership. If you want to downgrade to a smaller membership, we do require you to complete the 3 month minimum at the larger membership before we can make the adjustment. Just reach out to us to make any changes to your membership.

Can I leave class early?

We ask that no riders leave class early as it can be very disruptive to the class. We understand if there is an emergency that requires you to leave class, but note that once you leave you will not be allowed back into the studio. This policy is in place for your safety (navigating a dark room is very hard - trust us, we've tried!) and for the integrity of our classes. We appreciate your understanding on this.

Do you incorporate arms in your classes?

Yes - we have about 5 minutes of class dedicated to arms where we will use dumbbells to burn out our arms. We also do a lot of choreography that involves working our upper body.

Can I bring my own cycling shoes?

Yes - our Schwinn AC Power bikes are compatible with Look Delta and SPD clips. No worries if you forget yours, though - shoe rentals are always free. Note that clip in shoes are required.

What is this cycling shoe payment plan I keep reading about?

We've made investing in your own pair of Tiem Slipstream cycling shoes super easy. All members are able to purchase their own shoes in 3 installments - just pay $50 up front and then $40 the next two months (plus tax). At the end 3 months, you'll have your own pair of $130 Tiem shoes! Just purchase the "Tiem Slipstream Shoe Payment Plan - Deposit" from our buy page and we will reach out to get your size and color selections. This payment plan is only available to our members and must be purchased in studio.

What if I’m running a few minutes late to a class - do I have to forfeit my reservation?

We understand this happens and want to accomodate you if possible. If you're an experienced rider - call us to let us know you're running late and we’ll do our best to adjust your bike to your personal settings prior to the start of class so you can hop in easily. If you are more than 3 minutes late, you will not be admitted into class. We do not allow late new riders to enter the room once the studio doors are closed at the start of class. Note that 3 minutes before class starts, we will release your bike if there is a waitlist.

What are your late cancel / no show policies?

We ask that you cancel at least 4 hours before the start of the class. Any cancellation within the 4-hour window will be considered a "late cancellation" - late cancellations from an unlimited member will be charged $10 and all other reservations will simply forfeit the class credit. For no shows - unlimited memberships be charged $15 and all other reservations will forfeit the class credit.

How do I sign up for a class?

Ensure that you have credits or a membership in your account first - if you do not have credits then go to our 'Pricing' page to purchase some. Once you have credits, go to our 'Schedule' page to browse our classes. Click 'Sign Up' and then be sure to select a bike to confirm your reservation!

How do I cancel a class?

To cancel a class that you're registered for, click the "Schedule" tab of our website and go to the class that you are reserved for that you'd like to cancel. Click the "Reserved" button next to the class and then click on "Cancel Yourself" - the system will prompt you to confirm the cancellation. You will always get an email confirming the cancellation - if you do not get an email please call, email, or DM us at least 4 hours before class and we would be happy to cancel for you!

How far in advance can I reserve a class?

Classes open up on Sundays at 5pm for the upcoming week for all riders. At that time, all classes through the next Sunday will be open for sign ups. Unlimited members get early access to booking and are able to sign up at 4pm.

How does your waitlist work?

When a class is full, you'll have the option to join the waitlist. If you are next on the waitlist and a bike becomes available, we'll automatically add you into the class until 2 hours before the time of class start. Once within 2 hours of the class, we will call you if we have cancellations that open up a spot for you. We will not add you to the class without your confirmation once within 2 hours of start time. You are always welcome to show up at the studio as we release any bikes that haven't been checked in 3 minutes before the scheduled start of class. In-studio waitlists will have priority over walk-in customers in this situation.

Does the studio have showers?

Yes - our showers are fully stocked and we provide our riders with towels. Stop by the beauty bar for additional bath/body products.

What is the cycle room like?

The cycle room has 4 rows of 10 bikes (40 total). For the majority of the class, the lights will be off and the room will be dark. We like to bump our music pretty loud - it is one big dance party, after all - but we always have ear plugs available for those who want them.