In addition to our virtual classes, we are now offering private and semi-private classes. Please check our instagram and weekly emails for the latest updates and information.



Berkley brings a unique personality to her classes that will have you riding your heart out while remaining centered, mindful, and present. The goal is to curate playlists full of music that make you feel something and leave an impact. While you will find some speed in her classes, she loves incorporating a lot of heavy resistance into her classes. She knows how to kick your butt in all the right places.



Emily will make you want to cry. In a good way. Be prepared for alot of heavy hills and drills, with some speed and choreo sequences sprinkled in to keep you on your toes. She has mastered the art of making resistance not only fun but one of the quickest ways to becoming a stronger, more confident rider. You'll find some bomb hip-hop (both old and new) as well as some bumpin' bass songs that get the heart pumpin'.



Kellie teaches our Invigorate classes! Her calm nature will trick you into thinking class will be easy. Her creativity will keep you on your toes and push you to your limit. Hyped music will keep your mind elevated while doing reps and breathing to the beat. Her classes are built to challenge Viv Cychos while lengthening the muscles built in the spin room.



Nadine likes speed. Prepare for fast feet and lots of choreo. While her music style varies, it all hits that HYPE category. You have to show up ready to work, you have to keep your head in the game, and you have to be ready for anything. Nadine starts almost every class asking her riders if they're "ready to get f*cked up," so that should give you a little bit of a sense of what to expect in class. She will throw a lot at you, but it's nothing you can't handle (or strive to handle).


Lead Instructor / Studio Manager


Sophia's music style ranges anywhere from Maggie Rogers to Katy Perry to Boombox Cartel and will leave you wanting more every class. You can expect a good balance of speed and resistance with a lot of over the top, in your face, can't stop won't stop, motivation and coaching that will have you working harder than you ever thought possible.


Lead Instructor